juice therapy

Dr.hj.LIZA (lizasfyn@yahoo.com)

CONTENT: B, fe ,potassium, sodium, fosfor, calsium, C, A, Pectin,
1. Degrading blood pressure and cholesterol
2. INCRESE lipoprotein ( HDL ) density high
3. stabilizing blood sugar
4. FOR digestive
5. as agent anti cancer
6. lessening passion eat
7. assisting to lose weight body 8. strengthening Heart.

CONTENT Calsium, phosphorus, fe, sodium, Vit A, magnesium, C vit, E, Bromelin
1. Assisting digestion of protein
2. Curing constipation
3. curing exhalation channel infection
4. Destroyer of fat
5. anti tumor(peroksidasE)

CONTENT :calsium, phosphorus, besi,vit B1, C ( obstetrical of Very high ) Carbohydrate
1. Good Digestive and anti constipation
2. Assisting healing of infection
3. Degrading Cholesterol ( pectin)
4. Antioksidan
5. strengthening heart.

containing : fat not saturated, phosphorus, calsium, fe, sodium, A vit, Niacin,C,E
1. Degrading Cholesterol blood
2. Damping Husk ( masker)
3. Assisting red Regenerasi blood
4. Preventing Anaemia
5. Preventing Constipation

containing : phosphorus, calcium ( white membrane) , fe, sodium, A Pectin potassium, vit B complex, bioflavonoid ( take care of Vein, arranging fat hoard)

1. Anti Cancer
2. Healing sprue
3. Degrading cholesterol, Eliminating Gallstone
4. Improve;Repairing Digestion
5. increase Passion Eat
6. Healing Infection
7. preventing to chafe tonsil
8. Eliminating to feel queasy and vomit [at] pregnant woman
9. Can solve fat so that good to degrading Pregnant’s weight

Containing :vit A , B, C, Protein, Ca, fospor, Adenosin (Anticoagulant)
1. Anti cancer
2. Assisting fells system
3. Degrading Risk Heart Sickness and of Stroke
4. Preventing cloting of Blood
5. Assisting to put to rout blood-vessel acid and eczema.

Containing : pospor, calsium, sodium, fe,potassium ,magnesium, A , Vit C

1. Anti cancer
2. for good Digestive
3. Preventing constipation
4. Treatment Of Husk
5. Lessening Heat In
6. Curing Stomach hurt
7. healing Asthma
8. enzyme of arginine ( man reproduction)
9. Carpain ( heart)
10. Fibrin ( coagulation of blood)

Containing :Betacaroten , husk, detoxication, pectin of
1. Overcoming trouble at husk
2. Assisting digestion 3. Anti oxidant anti cancer ( research can degrade risk all cancer risks )
4. Degrading cholesterol rate
5. decrease high blood pressure
6. Overcoming bleary [of] dusk
7. obesitas

Containing :fe, A,C ca,pospor,sodium,potassium, complek magnesium,B, boron .
1. Good to rejuvenation of husk
2. Making cool body
3. cleaning digestive
4. Assuaging Disease of arthritis
5. Losing weight Body because low calorie content
6. Preventing to dehydration
7. loaded cucumber of nutrition add hair luminosity, eye, lip color

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