Grad doctor of the University Unair, and finished The bachelor of religion at tarbiyah and master at Psychology of counseling , have done research of proving that Tahajud pray can heal various disease. In his research is assisted by pesantren of Hidayahtullah Surabaya (high school) taken sample counted 19 people, later; then intake of blood of variable research executed by counted 3 times :(1) at condition phase and before sample run tahajud pray ( 2) After sample run Tahajud pray during 4 week ( 3) after sample execute tahajud pray during 8 week.

Taken sampel with Criterion of inclusion: Men, of old age 16-20 year, new student, ad for spiritual bodily, have never run Tahajud salat. Free Variable in this research is tahajud , is variable depended [by] him is body resilience response of imunologic strived can express concept of psikoneuroimunology. With detail as follows: ( 1) Hormone of Neuroendocrin the related of stress is cortisone, ( 2) Component immunology body resilience is neutrofil, basofil, eosinofil, monosyt, total of limfosit, G immunoglobulin, Imunoglobulin M, Imunoglobulin A. Sampel blood taken away from by peripher vena where the component circulate to follow blood circulation of the happened interaction between immured cell , component of humoral, sitokin, hormone and neurotransmitter.

As for dose of tahajud pray in this research cover ( 1) intensity interpreted as storey; level of is quality of isn’t it and honest of tahajud ( refer GAS theory: that is the looking after of body homeostasis after subject execute tahajud by quantities mirror with cortisone secretion spanned 38-690 mmol / L ( morning at 6.00-9.00 AM), ( 2) frequency of Amount of rakaat 13 rakaat, is later; then followed with sentence wirid of thayyibah : Subhhallah, Alhamdulillah, Allahuakbar, Astagfirullah, Allah-Humma Shalli’Ala-Muhammad Muhammad ali wa’ala, La-Ila-Ha Illallah, each 200 times ;rill, ( 3) time of tahajud 2.00-3.00 AM, run by 8 week, with consideration of student have been able to adapt with foreign assumed environment.

This research is designed to know ( 1) do Tahajud salat can degrade hormone secresition of cortisol? ( 2) Do tahajud salat can improve body resilience response of imunologic. And taken by cortisone him as yardstick variable of is existence of stress in body with consideration of cortisol have pattern characteritic of secretion tardy degradation and improvement so that is easy to measured, reverse with hormone of stress other like cotekolamin which the was improvement of and the degradation of difficult off the cuff so that measured [by] immunoglobin . in this research only IgM, IgG, and Ig A, because according to Bellanti immunoblobulin able to execute activity as antibody the specificness only third imunoglobulin. While for the bridge of respond mechanistic prevent of body of imunologic at do of tahajud is totalizing limposyt, basofyl, eosinofyl, and neutrofilm of monosit.

Body human being created by Allah with all equipment and perfection, with system, conducive response stimulus a individual made ready to adapt with any environment. enough Stimulus response system play a part in balance oscillation and beauty [of] system rhythm of circadian is system anatomy of limbic with bodywork of HIPOTALAMUS. visually the role of Hypotalamus bearing of emotionally, is as .Stressor environment or occurrence causing strained generating Stess response, racing activity of Hypotalamus ‘ anterior pituitary ‘ adrenal cortex -‘ cortisol. cortisol have effect improve blood sugar ( glucosa) , improving to pour heart, ( cotecolamin) , improving blood pressure ( Hypertension) through stimulus of renin at angiotens -renin sistem, depressing immunoglobulin synthesis degrading cell population of PMN, limfosit , macrophage in the blood passion him eat, insomnia, lessening Iibido.

above Research result got that Tahajud pray have an effect on to improvement of body resilience respond of immunologic. Of data research of tahajud pray show can degrade cortisone one with explanation as follows: ( run Tahajud ) pray correctly ( Concentrated, continue, candid) can grow Perception and positive motivation, positive emotion respond and improve ;repair coping ( mechanism to overcome change faced [by] if succeeding heavy burden become easy to reduce reaction of stress.(b) Iklash can be proved quantitatively indicator of secretion hormone of cortisol ( c) correct tahajud salat can improve body resilience of immunologic and can eliminate pain in patient cancer bone.


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