Hemorroid can be cure without operation

Hemorrhoid (dr liza)

Hemorrhoid can be cure with herbal if still in grade 1,2,3 and  , almost my patients like to use this herbal and the symptom just reduce in few months, they plant in the garden , this herbal call Grapthophylum pictum (l) griff

This herbal good for Hemorrhoid and constipation, boil 7 leaf with 3 glass water until 2 glass , and drink this after cold for 5 days just once a day ( or 3 X 1 pill)


Mau sembuh dari hemorrhoid minum aja daun handelem atau daum wungu, 7 lembar daun dan di rebus dengan 3 gelas air sampe tinggal 2 gelas minum setelah dingin, bias dicoba pill nya juga 3 kali 1 kapsul, pantangannya jangan duduk terlalu lama, hindari makanan terlalu pedas, dan jangan lupa makan sayur dan buah yang berserat agar hemorrhoid bisa sembuh

DESCRIPTION: (source dambro)

Varicosities of the hemorrhoidal venous plexus. Usual course – acute; chronic; relapsing.
•External hemorrhoids are located below the dentate line and covered by squamous epithelium
•Internal hemorrhoids are located above the dentate line


  •All cases: •Constipation,•Straining with defecation
•Small or minimal: •Episodic bleeding on stool
•Extensive internal:•Feeling of incomplete evacuation
•Small or minimal external:•Pruritus
•Protruding but can be reduced
•Prominent bleeding
•Thrombosis with severe acute pain
•Protruding, not reducible
•Inability to clean after stool
•Thrombosis common
•Strangulation possible

 •Dilated veins of hemorrhoidal plexus
•Tight internal anal sphincter

•Colon malignancy
•Liver disease
•Portal hypertension
•Occupations that require prolonged sitting
•Loss of muscle tone in old age, rectal surgery, episiotomy, anal intercourse